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woman hands builder bitcoin crypto as payment for services

Should You Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment?

There’s an untapped goldmine sitting right under your nose. That goldmine is cryptocurrency. This futuristic currency used to be nothing more than an interesting concept. But today, investors and businesses use it. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are dying to give you their digital money. Cryptocurrency gives you many benefits over traditional fiat currency. However, it has its own set of drawbacks as well. Before you start to accept cryptocurrency in your store, understand what it is. In this article, you’ll learn what cryptocurrency is. And if you so desire, you’ll learn how to get paid in crypto.  What Is Cryptocurrency? The general concept of cryptocurrency

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social media influencer recording a podcast as part of a marketing plan
Company Branding

10 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

Many marketers say that inbound marketing produces measurable results. Effective social media and inbound marketing are proven to be helpful in increasing inbound sales. But, you may not be investing enough in these marketing methods. 
You can add more revenue to your business with an inbound marketing plan to boost sales.

Keep reading for 10 reasons why you need to integrate social media marketing into your plan.

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Demonstrate how a SEO company can help with Google rankings

How To Rank Higher On Google

Ranking well on Google is like aiming at a moving target. You can’t only assess the current moment. SEO experts adapt to upcoming changes and stay on top of the latest Google news. 
Despite this structure, it’s possible to increase Google rankings. Our guide will show you how to rank higher on Google and tap into SEO. We’ll start by covering the differences between SEO and PPC.

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