What’s your special sauce? What makes your business unique from everyone else? Your brand identity is the combination of visual elements that come together to showcase who you are and what you do.

At Connect, we make sure customers, and prospective customers know who you are. Trust our professionals to give your business the quintessential image and reputation it needs to stand out and stay memorable.

Typically, our brand identity design projects include:

Logo Design

While it may seem small, a logo is a visual symbol for your business. A good logo will quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate your core values in an instant – not bad for a little image, right?

Our graphic design team designs simple, memorable, and timeless logos to convey who you are clearly.

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Color Palette

What shade represents you? A brand’s color palette is a crucial part of brand identity. The colors you use through your logo, website, and promo materials help define your business’s elements.

We craft bespoke color pallets that make you more recognizable to your followers and customers.

Stationery & Promotional Materials

Believe it or not, branding efforts don’t have to be limited to the internet. Remember the days when we received a physical item representing a brand? From a free pen to a business card – these tangible items make a difference.

You can use plenty of materials for branding and promotion. Our branding team will help determine what’s best for your company.

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Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral further supports your sales and marketing efforts. This could be any visual media used to promote your product or services.

Our branding team uses various media outlets to get the word out about your brand. This could be anything from print materials (billboards, posters, flyers) to digital content (online catalogs, social media content, e-magazines).


See Our Work

We’ve been busy lately! Don’t take our word for it. See our work in action. Check out some of Connect Media Agency’s past projects below to get a better feel for what we can do!

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Donna Reid-Mitchell

See how we helped an entrepreneur launch her new online presence. Her fresh branding and marketing strategies have a story to tell.

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