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How To Rank Higher On Google

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Ranking higher on Google helps you get more customers. If you increase Google rankings, you increase your company’s presence and credibility.

However, not every business owner has excellent SEO. Some business owners scratch their heads and wonder, “Why am I lower on the Google rankings?”

Ranking well on Google is like aiming at a moving target. You can’t only assess the current moment. SEO experts adapt to upcoming changes and stay on top of the latest Google news. 

Despite this structure, it’s possible to increase Google rankings. Our guide will show you how to rank higher on Google and tap into SEO. We’ll start by covering the differences between SEO and PPC.

What Is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) takes an organic approach to rank on Google. Companies write quality content and optimize for the right keywords. 

Publishing more content lets you cover more ground with keywords. You can target long-tail keywords for some content and competitive keywords for others. 

It takes a while to see results from SEO. However, this resource can provide consistent, free, and targeted traffic.

Prospects will actively find your website as Google solves people’s problems by providing resources.

People want a particular problem solved by the time they visit your website. It’s easier to convert this group into customers.

What Is PPC?

PPC (pay per click) allows businesses to accelerate their path to customers. Instead of waiting patiently for SEO, you can pay your way to the top of the algorithm. 

Google offers ad placements for any keyword. More popular keywords command higher costs per click. 

You’ll have to balance visibility with your budget. Opting for long-tail keywords will reduce your costs and get you in front of targeted leads.

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

Some businesses rush to use PPC and settle for this marketing strategy. However, SEO provides long-term traffic that can scale over time.

You can only scale PPC marketing by raising your budget. If competitors raise bids for your targeted keywords, your profit margins will decline.

SEO acts as a solid complement to PPC marketing. Businesses using multiple marketing channels become more sustainable. If one marketing channel stagnates, the others can pick up the slack.

Now that we’ve covered why your website needs SEO, let’s discuss how to rank higher on Google.

Google heavily weighs backlinks when ranking content. Backlinks are links on other websites that point back to your website. Google sees these backlinks as votes of approval.

In the early 2000s, people bought low-quality backlinks for the algorithm boost. Google caught on with this spammy practice and penalized websites that bought backlinks.

Some business owners misinterpreted these actions. These business owners came to believe backlinks were dead.

Backlinks are alive and well if you get backlinks from quality websites. You can write guest posts to build up your backlinks.

Some website owners invite contributors to produce content for their platforms. These guest posts put you in front of their audience while earning a backlink. You can link to your website in your byline.

You can also get backlinks by reaching out to bloggers. Review their blog posts and invite them to link to one of your blog posts. Explain how this link will help them provide more value to their readers.

Produce Optimized Content

Content is the lifeblood of ranking well on Google. The algorithm indexes your newest content. Frequent updates to your website will also help with your overall ranking.

It takes time to rank on Google. Optimized content helps your time investment lead to targeted visitors.

Businesses should conduct keyword research before writing content. Keyword research enables bloggers to write with intent. 

Each published piece of content represents an opportunity. Publishing more content provides more opportunities to increase your rankings.

Many SEO-conscious companies publish weekly blog posts. These blog posts also build trust with their current prospects and customers. Showing up more often strengthens business relationships. 

Improve Page Speed to Increase Google Rankings

Consumers have less patience these days. People won’t wait a few seconds for your website to load. They can find other options that load faster.

Google displays search results that optimize the user’s experience. If Google displays poor search results, people will look towards other search engines.

Google doesn’t want to take the risk of a slow-loading website with poor web design. They’ll push slow loaders lower in the rankings. 

Improving your page speed will help with the algorithm. Faster load times also enhance the experience for your audience.

Many SEO strategies focus on the user experience. If you improve the user experience, you often boost your SEO simultaneously. Improving your page speed and your mobile layout are examples of this trend.

Local businesses don’t need international audiences. They need people in the community to know about their services.

Optimizing for local search showcases your brand to the local community. Setting up a Google My Business page improves local rankings. Searchers can quickly learn important details about your company.

Getting reviews will strengthen your local search presence. Invite happy customers to leave reviews for your company.

Each positive review will improve your social credibility. Prospects lean on customer reviews for their research. High ratings win customers from your competitors.

Get Help with Your SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy for any company that wants to increase Google rankings. Some businesses eventually get a tidal wave of organic traffic from Google.

Visitors will flock to your website and explore your services. However, it all starts with an effective SEO strategy.

Connect Media Agency helps companies with their SEO. We work together to establish attainable goals that lead to more growth and revenue. Reach out today to see how we can assist with your SEO.

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