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The Only Reason A Marketer Should Pursue Their MBA

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What is a valid reason to get an MBA as a marketer? A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) helps you understand how a company operates, public relations, and some of the analytics you must comb through, but does it help you earn more in your field or ramp up your career to the next level?

Number One Reason to Get an MBA

A recent report from Statista shows a correlation between MBA degrees and landing a job. Around 92% of companies said they hired MBA graduates. The numbers rise and fall, depending on employee demand, but remain well above average.

If you plan to work for anyone other than yourself, an MBA might be necessary to compete with other job candidates. Even if you strike out on your own and work as a freelance marketer, companies may want to know your history and knowledge set before hiring you as a contractor. 

The number one reason to get an MBA is to add a requirement to your resume that makes you competitive. However, it isn’t the only reason to get an MBA. The advantages to having a specialized degree are plentiful. 

1. Improve Your Business Knowledge

Another reason to get an MBA is to learn more about business in general. If you work for a marketing firm or serve multiple clients, they come from a wide variety of business types. You’ll understand basic business operations, the backend of tracking inventory and accounting, and learn how to communicate better, which is quite useful for a marketer.

You’ll meet different people during your MBA studies. Some will be business owners you can learn from. You’ll also work on samples and projects looking at a variety of industries. You’ll also learn new techniques by studying their marketing strategies.

The more general knowledge you have, the easier it will be to jump into creating content for your clients. You don’t have to be an expert to write a marketing plan for a business. You just have to be familiar enough to understand the audience and need for the product. 

2. Expand Your Network

Getting to know more people helps you have resources to draw on for your marketing campaigns. For example, you might meet someone in a class who is an expert on video marketing and can give you some pointers.

You’ll have professors you can reach out to and learn from. You’ll attend networking events with like-minded people in your area. You can never cast too big of a net when it comes to gaining advice and connections from other professionals. 

Keep a list of professors, people you seek advice from, fellow students, and other business owners. Reach out to them occasionally so you aren’t just contacting them when you need help with something. Networking is about building positive and lasting relationships. 

3. Qualify for Management

If you work for a company that requires it, you may need an advanced degree to qualify for management positions. While you can work in marketing without any degree, it’s frustrating to put time and effort into your job only to be passed over for promotions because you lack someone else’s education.

4. Fill Gaps

An MBA can be highly focused on a specific area, such as marketing, allowing you to gain new skills. Many MBA programs give you some independent study courses, where you can guide the tone and subject matter as long as it relates.

For example, you might write your thesis on something related to your current job or company. Think about the places where you need additional knowledge and seek an MBA program that fills those gaps and takes your work to the next level. 

5. Find a Top SEO Firm

Around 88,225 advertising agencies operate in the United States, and the industry has a 2.8% projected growth rate. If you want to land a job with a top SEO agency, you’ll need an advanced degree to compete with other candidates.

Top SEO firms often pay a bit more and have more exciting projects with big-name firms. They may pay for some of your education if you come on and want to work your way in the company, as long as the degree applies to their business model. 

6. Research Audiences

Another reason to get an MBA in marketing is to learn the most up-to-date research methods. The better you can analyze an audience, the more likely you’ll hit the exact message you need to engage them. 

In school, you’ll have access to expensive programs you might not be able to afford on your own. If you run your own marketing agency, you can find the best software for your marketing needs and try it out before investing in it.

You’ll also have access to the school’s IT department. You can take courses or pick the brains of computer scientists more adept at maneuvering through difficult coding projects.

The more you can pinpoint the right audience for a business, the better results you’ll garner from your marketing efforts. 

When Is the Right Time to Start Your MBA? 

It’s never too early to start working on an advanced degree. You can apply things you learn almost immediately to your everyday tasks. An MBA gives you more flexibility in where you can work and how quickly you can scale up your income. While you will spend a bit on the degree, you’ll gain huge benefits from completing it. 

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