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Mobile apps are essential for sales growth, marketing communications, audience building, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage. That’s a lot for a little app inside your pocket!

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A Mobile App Developed Just For You

Take your business to the next level with our eye-catching and sales-generating website design, professional branding services, mobile apps, and marketing solutions.

Connect Media Agency helps businesses to get their brand seen by their potential customers fast.

Website Packages that win

We design and build exciting and responsive mobile apps that are fully optimized, lightning-fast, and mobile-friendly. Our talented digital marketing team includes marketing strategists, graphic designers, and branding experts that can work in synergy to give your brand a boost. 

Mobile Apps From Scratch

Our web developers can help turn your great idea for an app into a tangible reality. We handle the full build from start to finish, including market research, strategy, software development, and UX design. To guarantee your new app aligns with your target audience, our team administers various user insights, and all apps go through rigorous QA testing.

Improving Current Apps

Do you have a slow, sluggish, or hard-to-navigate app? We can enhance your existing mobile applications. Our developers run a full analysis of your current solution to offer insight, resolve any technical issues, and improve whatever’s needed. In most cases, speed, security, capabilities, design, and the general user experience need upgrading.

Expert Support

Whether your team doesn’t have the skillset to create top-performing mobile applications, or you simply don’t have the time, Connect Media Agency can help. We work closely with you to understand your vision, requirements, and goals for your new mobile app. Our in-house team seamlessly meshes your idea with technology to craft unique mobile applications to grow your brand.

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Our Process Is Simple

We build apps that people want to spend time on. Using a range of skills and methodologies including analysis, design, deployment, and reporting we can create a website that your business can be proud of. 

A good mobile app should load quickly and have crisp, clear content that engagingly tells your story. 

Step 1: Research

The first step of any mobile app design and development project starts with deep and analytical research.

We’ll examine your niche market and your competitors, take a look at where your customers are with customer insight research and then develop the visual styles and user experience that will most appeal to your key demographic.

Step 2: App Design & Development

Following our research, we’ll work on building your website using all the insight and planning to put together a polished and professional web presence. It will perfectly align with your brand, goals, and vision and compel sales of your goods or services.

Our app designs are unique and customer-friendly. They turn visitors into new customers.

Step 3: Testing and Reporting

The final stage of app development happens after the mobile app has been built. We’ll test and analyze the app to optimize it and ensure everything works perfectly and as expected.

We conduct our tests across a range of different devices including Apple, Samsung, and Google. That way, we can be sure that every single visitor has a flawless experience.

We build Apple and Google-approved apps that people want to spend time on. Using a range of skills and methodologies including analysis, design, deployment, and reporting we can create a website that your business can be proud of. 

A good mobile app design should have crisp, clear content that engagingly tells your story. 

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Android Apps

Google Play Store

Our mobile app development team is secure working within Android’s Google Play open environment and deliver end-users (our customers and yours) a superior experience. From the beginning stages of project planning to the creation of individual features, our team is ready to develop an Android application for your business.

iOS Apps

App Store

We build engaging iOS apps that make your business stand out from the crowd—always keeping in mind the latest market trends, App Store demands, and your goals. With a detailed planning process, we’ll be able to outline exactly what you want to see in an application. Our nearshore mobile app development team will then bring your dream to life.

Hear From Our Clients

Connect takes your ideas and vision for your website and make it way better than you imagined! They are extremely patient, understanding, and want to make sure they grasp your concept before executing your website. They will demonstrate care and concern until your page is live.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn more about everything we have to offer. 

Yes, that is part of our process before launching your mobile app. We will provide you with app access like the app developments done in the past for other clients. This will allow you to spend a couple of days providing your opinion on the app before we provide it to your customers.

Budget major factor to consider when building an app for your company, especially small businesses. If your project has many features as well as some level of complexity, then you should have a flexible budget. The time needed to complete your project can affect the budget, but we make sure to consider that. It would be best to talk through all your business needs and we can provide accurate pricing based on that information.

There is a possibility that you may come across an issue that you would need to solve urgently after the app has successfully launched. We can provide a long-term agreement with the company for maintenance and support. We are interested in helping your business succeed, and not just a one-time transaction.

Both Apple and Google do require that we open our own developer accounts. Our publishing team will handle the heavy lifting to actually submit your apps to the App Store and Google Play.

Yes, anytime and as much as you need to. Most updates are automatically and immediately pushed to everyone that has the app on their phone.


Your feedback can make all the difference in mobile app development! We value what our customers need in their mobile apps and only then a strategy is devised based on your business objectives. We pride ourselves on communication with you throughout our process to ensure everything meets your expectations.

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