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Motivating Your Employees Requires These Four Simple Steps

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Motivating your employees is an opportunity for leaders to get to know their employees’ aspirations and professional drivers. It would be ideal if producing company-wide inspiration was a blanket solution, but you must curate for every department and person. However, studies accentuate there are several threads behind impactful, lasting employee motivation that revolve around peers.

Few workplace aspects keep employees more driven than a dedicated and optimistic team. Getting there only requires four easy steps and the benefits of a loyal workforce will flourish organically. But how can higher-ups foster this culture without disenchanting departments with an easily dismissed “company culture” advertisement?

1. Be Transparent and Communicate

Managerial staff who take the time to walk around the floor and integrate with the work will already earn more respect than those who sit far away in a locked office in meetings all day. It is vital to understand staff personally because one generation of employees may have different priorities than the last. All there is to motivating your employees is talking to them to boost overall morale.

There is no shame in soliciting employee information about how you can inspire them. It is time to admit administrative offices might be out of touch. On-the-floor staff will appreciate the genuine interest instead of seeing it as an oversight or weakness in leadership.

The byproduct of these conversations is employees who feel they are being tended to, improving attitudes and brand loyalty. It is why surveying relates to motivating your employees via their peers. If workers feel they impact business operations, they feel more integral to the machine. It sets an undertone of trust, independence and weight in their opinions, providing more intrinsic value.

2. Express Gratitude with a Promise of Growth

Providing team recognition is one of the top recommendations to improve team morale and solidify tenure. If employees exhibit natural care for peer success, their achievements could simultaneously provide healthy competition and inspiration. But can it lead to more turnover?

More often than not, managerial accolades fall on dismissive ears because the employee has heard it before. Overextending praise can have the opposite effect by making employees wonder if the company truly cares about them as an individual. Why should employees or peers care if their superiors did not set a precedent for how much their words mean?

Rewarding every bit of praise with a tangible incentive or raise is unnecessary, but are there clear expectations on what exceptional employees receive? Can they advance? These are extrinsic motivators. Are they content with intrinsic motivation in-between physical rewards? Managers can unravel the answers to these questions by determining if and how workforce efforts have an impact.

3. Manage Expectations for Work-Life Balance

Once employees are sufficiently motivated by praise and camaraderie, it is time to incorporate design inside and outside the office. The social boost will compound with a calming office space and a streamlined, digital setting. Add plants, decor or color. Modern work environments evoke an air of progress and attention to detail. Even the advent of standing desks helped display a caring post-pandemic transition.

Redesigning office spaces redefines work-life balance expectations. It is a physical representation of how organizations want employees to operate, whether relaxed or procedural. The prior conversations with staff about what will motivate them can provide insight into what they want to see in these changes.

Take suggestions seriously and openly thank whoever is responsible for providing ideas. It demonstrates how their words translate into action. For example, a hot desk setup could encourage mobile workspaces or even flexible schedules.

For digital workspaces, it is critical to streamline tech stacks and minimize distractions. Reducing unnecessary instant messages and meetings that disrupt deep work also signifies management trusts employees to be autonomous, increasing motivation and engagement efforts.

Here are some other ways to establish company culture and manage expectations through environmental changes:

4. Let People Empower Each Other

Every step prior explains how upper management can encourage peer-to-peer empowerment. Eventually, the efforts will result in a near-automated wheel of consistent self-motivation. The final step is ensuring it stays that way.

It is essential not to hover, as this could diminish the independent, joyous workflow you created. Once it seems to sustain itself, managers can consider pulling back to devote more time to other bottom-line-boosting tasks. It would be best if you resist that urge. Your workforce is discerning and an upset in the workforce dynamic — like a drastic reduction in executive presence and communication — will cause distress in peer dynamics.

Constant team meetings and newsletters are nit enough, though you can start there. Continue the conversations and in-person touchpoints from the initial motivational efforts. It is critical to remember you and other higher-ups are peers as well. You must also participate if peer-to-peer engagement and attitudes are the foundation for continued motivation.

Motivating Your Employees by Motivating Each Other

First, rethink communications and input. Then, reimagine positive critiques and rewards. Then, design environments to reflect company values on work-life balances. All this will lead to boosted workforce attitudes and more profound dedication.

The atmosphere will be contagious, motivating your employees to motivate each other. Eventually, their energy may flip back to management, inspiring them to be even more committed to creating the best business to work for in the sector.

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